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CINEMATICS  |  Issue 03

Issue 03 | CINEMATICS | Sept 2019


The gloves are off! As content creators in the film industry battle for audience viewership, we’ve seen an explosive number and diverse range of stories and perspectives. It’s enough to boggle the mind, even for big fans like me. We are forced to answer so many questions because there are easier-better-faster ways to consume movies.

To stream or not to stream? To go to the movies or to harness the latest technologies from your home, computer or phone? We’ve blown the movie doors wide-open and thankfully, the watershed looks pretty darn good from where I’m standing.

What's Inside

Art & LiteratureArtScapesCINEMATICSInterviewsWomen Leaders
13,September, 2019

Dawn Landes, A Journey in Song

Dawn Landes' dream was always to write and perform songs. She grew up listening to Linda Ronstadt and Tom Petty.
CINEMATICSInterviewsWomen Leaders
11,September, 2019

Maiden of the Sea

First all-female crew to sail in the Whitbread Round the World Race. First female to be awarded Yachtsman of the Year trophy
2,September, 2019

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